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Musical Director: Nic Cope

Nic is a freelance musician and private teacher (voice and piano) with many years experience of working within choir training as a conductor and as an accompanist. Nic has significant experience as a Musical Director, having fulfilled this role for a variety of local music groups such as The Dulcet Singers, The Cromwell Singers, the Wantage Stage Music Company, Newbury Young Stars, Kennet Opera and, since 1999, Nomads Musical Theatre.



Nic's experience as an accompanist includes the Berkshire Girls' Choir's silver medallist performance at the International Choir Olympics in Bremen (2014) and a further international music festival in Slovenia (2006) with the Taplow Girls' Choir. He has served as Organist and Choirmaster at several churches over the years and currently sings and plays regularly at St Nicolas' Church, Newbury. More information can be found about what Nic does on his website

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